Commander’s Chat

Combat Warriors!

Greetings to all my fellow soldiers who have been awarded the Combat Infantry Badge. You are at the site and home of the warriors of the United States Army.

We answered the call from our nation to defend the democratic ideals that make our country the beacon of justice, a country that protects its citizens through the rule of law and not subject to the whims of tyranny, a country where one can dream and achieve personal goals to help not just our country and our allies, but where we can make a better life for our family.

Yet, in that process, we have undeniably been placed in harm’s way. Many of us entered combat with the innocence of life depicted in Norman Rockwell’s famous paintings. Those of us who returned from battle went back to hometown America forever changed.

Congress recognized that the combat infantryman was placed in far greater danger than all other military occupational specialties, that we were more subject to being wounded or killed, that the sacrifices and hardships we endured were far greater than non-combat soldiers. That is why Congress enacted the awarding of this medal as recognition of our constant exposure to clear and present danger as combat soldiers.

When Veterans join our organization, there is an instant brotherhood not found in many Veteran groups. Many Vets joining us at meetings tell me that when they attend, they have finally found a home where they feel they belong. Everyone knows the hardships we endured as warriors. We know what the CIB mean to us. We know what the CIB means to you. We are proud of this association. We are proud to be America’s Patriots.

Review this website and find a Combat Infantrymen’s Association near you. We are waiting for you to come home to our brotherhood of combat warriors.


Alfred C. Serrato
National Commander