Commander’s Chat

2020 CIAssoc National Scholarship Program!

Last Year we had 7 applicants. This year we had 22! The thoughts expressed by the students were deeply touching. Many of the younger students had never asked their father or grandfather about their Army background or the event they endured to earn the Combat Infantry Badge. As the CIB awardee began talking to his/her family member for the very first time in all those years, about his battle experiences, about being a soldier -there was obvious wonderment from the listener that the old guy they knew who mowed the lawn and puttered around the house was once a very brave soldier who put his life on the line for his country. There now began a higher respect for each other. From the soldier – a sense of gratitude that he could help his family member earn a scholarship award. From the listener a new found respect for the revealed battle experiences and a deep appreciation that dad or gramps actually cared enough to help his family member win a scholarship.

The Executive Board was equally impressed with the entries. Though we had only 3 awards to give out, how can you limit it to 3 if #4 and #5 are also touching. The Board thus overwhelmingly voted to extended the awardees to 5.

Also, thanks to this year’s generous Spring Fundraiser donations the Board took the unprecedented step to adjust the award amounts. Therefore #1 stayed at $2,500. #2 increased from $500 to $1,500; #3 increased from $250 to $750; #4 increased from ZERO to $500; #5 increased from ZERO to $250. And the WINNERS ARE:

1st Prize $2,500 Robert F Williams

2nd Prize $1,500 Sophia Allen

3rd prize   $750 Joshua Forsythe

4th prize   $500 Caroline J Bonner

5th prize   $250 Richard Riekse

The 1st prize winner will be posted on the Website. Congratulations to all the winners. The rating committee wanted me to convey to all applicants that judging was very difficult. Those who did not win were within fractions of winning.

Respectfully Submitted,

Alfred C. Serrato
National Commander