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Helpful terms:

CIB – Combat Infantry Badge

CIAssoc – Combat Infantrymen’s Association

DD-214 – Official military document provided to all service members upon separation from the military.

Eligibility:  Program is open to the children and grandchildren of CIB recipients.  Applicant must include either the CIB recipient’s CIAssoc membership number, or must enclose/attach the same proof of eligibility required for membership in the Combat Infantrymen’s Association.  Acceptable proof of eligibility includes an official notation on the CIB recipient’s DD-214, DD-215, Official Army Orders, or other official documents.  Proof of eligibility will then be reviewed by the Association Membership Officer for validity.   Applications submitted without proper proof of eligibility will not be considered for review.  Applications will be accepted between January 1 and March 31 of each year, and awarded May 1.

Criteria/Judging:  Scholarships are awarded based on essay responses and application completion.  The purpose of the scholarship is to raise awareness among students about the CIB.  Essay prompt will be provided on the application, and applicant must be able to share the story of the recipients CIB award as part of the application.  Essays will be judged anonymously – meaning the judges will not know the names of the applicants.  Essays will be judged by members of the CIAssoc Leadership Team who do NOT have students participating in the scholarship program.

Awards:  The CIAssoc Scholarship program provides one National Award of $2500; and 6 Division Awards of $250.00.  The essay judged to be the best out of all entries received will be awarded the National Award, and the top essay received from each of the six Divisions will receive the Division Award.  See the CIAssoc web site for a map of the division alignments (Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, Mountain, Pacific, and Southwest).  Scholarships are awarded to students furthering their education at either a community college, trade school or university.  Funds are paid directly to the school.  Applicants must indicate their school of choice no later than July 15.  Funds are awarded per scholastic year, fall and spring semesters.  Repeat applicants are welcome, once per scholastic year.

Application:  Applications must be complete on line, using the form on the CIAssoc web site (link to be provided), with the essay attached at the end of the form as a .pdf.  Each application will be assigned a number, and each essay will be saved with the same number, and provided to the judges by number, not by name.

Funding:   The CIAssoc Scholarship Program is funded by donations from members of the Combat Infantrymen’s Association.

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