A Message from 2017-2019 National Commander Fred Taylor

Dear fellow CIB recipients, it is my pleasure to write this welcome piece to all current and potential Combat Infantrymen’s Association members.  This association is an organization of honor and is reserved exclusively for proven CIB recipients.   The meaning of being a CIB recipient is to be held in honor by your community, state, and nation.

One thing that I have discovered is that many citizens simply do not know what you did to receive this high decoration.  No, you did not take an exam for the CIB… no you did not get it via a political deed… no you did not receive it while serving in CONUS.  You EARNED this citation because you stood up and defended your family and nation in time of war.

If you have earned the CIB, then you should to be an active member in the CIAssoc.  Why?  Because the moment we CIB recipients are not visible, the citizens of our great nation begin to forget the sacrifices we made to be eligible for the CIB.  This is why I am asking you to join, and if you are a member now, get active and help us.  Remember, we infantrymen are never done serving our nation!!!

Finally, many candidates/potential members ask what the CIAssoc can do for them if they join.  Don’t you think we CIB recipients should really be asking what we can do for the CIAssoc?  If you are proud of your CIB and agree, join now. If you are members now, get motivated and get into action to significantly improve the recognition that CIB recipients have earned.

America counted on you once, now the CIAssoc is counting on you today. If you qualify, stand side-by-side with me, as we march together nationally as fellow CIB recipients.

Frederick A. Taylor, Jr.
National Commander 2017

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