The Mission of the Combat Infantrymen's Association is to Support, Promote and Honor US Army Infantry and Special Forces Soldiers who have been awarded the Combat Infantry Badge.

The Infantry Creed

I am the Infantry – Queen of Battle! For two centuries I have kept our Nation safe, purchasing freedom with my blood. To tyrants, I am the day of reckoning; to the oppressed, the hope for the future. Where the fighting is thick, there am I… I am the Infantry! FOLLOW ME!

Badge of Glory

Of all the medals upon our chest

From battles and wars we knew

The one admired as the very best

Is the one of Infantry Blue

It’s only a rifle upon a wreath

So why should it mean so much?

It is what it took to earn it

That gives in that touch

To earn this special accolade

You faced the enemy’s fire

Whether you survived or not

God dialed that one desire

For those of us who served the cause

And brought this nation glory

It’s the Combat Infantrymen’s Badge

That really tells the story

  Written by Jim Dollar


 Almighty God look graciously upon this nation and those who serve and have served our great nation. We thank you God for the steadfastness, strength, and loyalty of these men and women, their families, and those who fervently supported and continue to support them both during and after their sacrificial service to our nation. Remind us that without each other we woudl all fail in defeating our nations enemies. Grant us patience in dealing with the mistakes of our fellow man. Let us never forget that no man is perfect but that perfection for fragile humans is trying each day to be better than the day before. Remind us that wisdom is not gained in an hour, a day, or in a year But that it is a process that continues all the days of our lives. May you always be near to guide us in our decisions, comfort us in our failures, keep us humble in our successes and support us in our missions both on and off the battlefield. We thank you Heavenly Father for the honor of serving our nation and for those whom without their humble support we would not succeed in our desire for freedom from suppression.  Amen. 

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