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Combat Infantrymen's Association
National Headquarters
825C Merrimon Ave
Suite 354
Asheville, North Carolina   28804




Membership Requirements: The applicant must have been awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge as certified to by an official notation on the applicant’s DD-214, DD-215, Official Army Orders, or other official documents, unless you are a Support Group applicant.  Dues are free the first year for War on Terrorism participants. Current annual dues are $30.00 per year.  The bi-annual newsletter, The Blue Badge, is only available as a .pdf.  Make sure we have a current email address for you (or for a family member if you do not have email).  

Please Note: If joining with a printable application or online application submisison you must send proof of CIB Award, such as your DD-214 (please be sure to black out your Social Security number!), or a copy of your orders, etc, and mail payment to the address listed above.  You may also email a copy to to our Membership Administrator, Dina Coffey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Life Membership: Life memberships are only available - at no cost - to those over the age of 85.  Current members reaching the age of 85 must contact the membership administrator and provide proof of age, new members wishing to join must provide the same proof of eligibility as all other new members, as well as date of birth proof.  

Free First Year Membership – Iraq, Afghanistan, Gulf War Veteran – and apply by filling out the online application, you do not need to pay. If you do pay, then you will be credited for a full two years. Once you have completed the online application and payment (if required), please use the provided link to email your proof to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (again, be sure to black out your SSN). .  We will process your application immediately upon receiving your proof.  Because of stolen valour concerns, you must furnish this proof. Please do not apply if you cannot furnish proof of award for this prestigious medal. If you do not furnish proof within 30 days, we may place you into the Support Group until proof is received. Please note, we destroy all proof documents after review. Do not send original documents, send copies only.  If you have lost or never received your CIB Verification, you can click here and download a form you can submit to do so.  

Free Lifetime Membership to veterans 85 years old and older – you will still need to fill out an application and submit proof of eligibility as described above. When the application appears, type in your information, and then print the completed form and mail it to the National Commander. 

 Click This Link: Apply On-Line for Membership Here  

Click This Link: Printable Membership Application



Annual membership Dues are $30 to renew each year.

Click This Link: Printable Paper Renewal Form - Regular Member

 When the application appears, type in your information, and then print the completed form and mail it to the National Commander



Annual Individual Membership - $ 20.00:

Annual Business Membership -  Bronze is $100, Silver is $200, Gold is $300

Requirements have changed as of 22 Oct 2011: There will no longer be a group designated as the Auxiliary. The new designation will be Combat Infantrymen’s Association Support Group. Membership is open to any individual or business having Good Moral Character and a vote from the gaining chapter.

We men of the Combat Infantrymen’s Association are extremely honored for your enrollment into our Support Group Membership. It was because of the support of Businesses like yours, and the support of men, women and families that we were successful in fighting for our nation. Excellent business and individual support and donations we received both on and off the battlefield made the difference between victory and defeat. We are now extremely honored for your contribution toward our mission to provide charitable activities throughout our nation. We are a 501-c tax deductible organization. Some of our causes are: Pride and Patriotism activities in schools, JROTC scholarship and award activities, donations to charities who directly support active armed forces men and women, donations for youth centered training facilities which encourage and help young men and women whom are in need of guidance.  Click on either of these links, when the application appears, type in your information, and then print the completed form and mail it to the National Commander:

 Click This Link: Support Group - Business - Renewal or Application

Click This Link: Support Group - Individual - Renewal or Application



If you need a replacement card And YOUR DUES ARE CURRENT please mail return envelope with a requsest for a new card.  Be sure to include the your full name and contact information along with a check to the CIA for $10.00 to:

CIA Card Replacement
Dina Coffey
825C Merrimon Ave Suite 354
Asheville, NC 28804


Ready To Become A Regular, Individual or Business Support Member ?

In addition to regular membership we welcome Individual and Business Support members. Support members can help with the overall operations of our individual units and promotion of our Association. Although they cannot vote or be elected to office they offer great support to our local units. Many members sign up their family and close friends as Support members.