History of the Combat Infantrymen’s Association

The year 1985 marked the beginning of The Combat Infantrymen’s Association. Three men, all World War II veterans, each having earned the Combat Infantryman Badge, began discussing the possibility of having an “elite” organization. These three men, now known as the “Founding Fathers”, were Robert W. Wisccup, Paul N. Baker and Richard A. Soesbee. They began with only their fortitude, drive and persistence to pave the way to our present association.

Badge Of Glory

Of all the medals upon our chests
From battles and wars we knew
The one admired as the very best
Is the one of infantry blue


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In addition to regular membership we welcome Individual and Business Support members. Support members can help with the overall operations of our individual units and promotion of our Association. Although they cannot vote or be elected to office they offer great support to our local units. Many members sign up their family and close friends as Support members.