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Barbara Day on left-Vicky Kennedy on right



HONORARY MEMBERSHIP JAMAICA BAYThe Jamaica Bay Retirement Community, Happy Hands Group was awarded this certificate for their efforts to assist our Deployed Warriors. The Happy Hands Group made skull caps and liners for our troops.

My name is Earl W Kennedy National Commander of the Combat Infantrymen’s Association. Recently I traveled to the above community center and met with a group of Ladies, many of whom are widows of veterans. This was all coordinated by my wife Vicky Kennedy National President of our Ladies Auxiliary. The Ladies of Jamaica Bay coordinated by Mrs. Barbara Day, an Auxiliary member of the CIA, knitted over 150 helmet liners for our troops in Afghanistan and are still knitting. They devoted numerous hours in this effort to support our men and women who face daily adversity. I myself was extremely moved by their unselfish giving. We presented them with a framed certificate of thanks for their support to our men and women on the front lines. This is an example of devoted patriotism.






This poem was originally written years ago by Jim Dollar, who has since passed away. Another member, Tom Lebo created this document with Jim’s poem and added our logo to the page. This is a downloadable document suitable for printing.

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