National CIB Events

Pic 1: Left to Right; Dick Williams, Jack Wagner, Past National CO Kennedy, Bill Cross, Dan Sankoff, and all of A11FL Pictured with 1/2 Track

Battle of the Bulge Reunion 019


Left to right:  Past National Commander – Earl Kennedy, Governor Scott,  Current National Commander – Bill Cross, and Jack Wagner

Governor Rick Scott 2012


Sutton-CIB-PlaqueMike Sutton, War Zone Wear holding the first plaque presented for Gold Level Supporter of the Combat Infantrymen’s Association.  Mike Sutton was assigned to MAC-V serving  in the highlands in ’64-’65 and the Delta (’66-’67 & ’69-’70).


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In addition to regular membership we welcome Individual and Business Support members. Support members can help with the overall operations of our individual units and promotion of our Association. Although they cannot vote or be elected to office they offer great support to our local units. Many members sign up their family and close friends as Support members.