Deployed Soldiers

Canada-1Canadian Army Sergeant is awarded the U.S. Army Combat Infantryman Badge and joins the Combat Infantrymen’s Association

Canadian SGT John C. Carew receives CIB from 4th ID
On 3 December 2009 members of 2nd
Platoon, Bravo Company, 1-12th

Infantry Regiment along with SGT John C. Carew and three other Canadian Army soldiers came under a complex attack. The four Canadians significantly contributed to the defense of Strong Point Ashoqeh, Afghanistan when it came under heavy direct fire from enemy machine guns.

This is not the first time and surely will not be the last time the Canadians have fought along side of our American troops. The U.S. Army during WW II created a composite unit from both countries called the 1st Special Service Force (now known as the The Green Berets). In Somalia the Canadians again fought along side of the American Troops.


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